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Granite High Iconic Science Building Entryway Demo

September 19, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

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Granite High Encore Closing Statement

July 19, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

We've lost two of the four Granite buildings thus far, and a third building has started coming down this week. It is time I make a closing statement about the Granite High Encore Project headed up by the Utah Arts Alliance, a valiant effort to save the buildings of Granite High School.

The Granite High Encore Project started after the Mayor of South Salt Lake vetoed the developer's plans to replace Granite High with a Walmart in March of 2016. At that time the developers said they were going to walk away from the project.

Working under the assumption that the developers were walking away the Executive Director of the Utah Arts Alliance, Derek Dyer, decided it was time to work towards acquiring the Granite High property to create an arts campus.

Derek created what became known as the Granite High Encore Project.

The core members of the Encore team are:

Derek Dyer, Executive Director of the Utah Arts Alliance
David Kubinski, Development Director of the Utah Arts Alliance
Merili Carter, Project Manager for the Utah Arts Alliance and GHS Alumni
Dr Kris Dobson, former Granite High educator
Tom Eatchel, real estate expert and GHS Alumni
Aaron Metcalf, Hogan & Associates Construction
Steve Cornell, CRSA Architecture
Troy Bennett, UofU Student of Parks and Rec

The Granite High Encore project aimed to work with developers once we learned that they still held a contract on the Granite High property.

There were many ups and downs in the project, and for a long time we believed the developers were willing to work with us so long as our plan looked profitable.

We established partners, worked on our capital stack, and created a business plan that envisioned the campus as a combination of an arts campus with theater, artist studios, and community classes, along with small retail, restaurants, a charter high school, and co-housing for retired artists. This campus would have been open to the public, and would have maintained the historical structures as they were....only restored.

Hogan Construction sponsored a researcher that assisted us in completing the National Historical Registry application which was unanimously passed by the Utah State History Board in April of 2017. This made the buildings eligible for up to 40% of restoration costs covered by tax credits. The buildings were to be officially listed in August of 2017. The processing time was halted by 30 days due to a letter of objection sent in by Garbett Homes.

Funds raised by the Granite High Encore project covered the costs related to hiring a videographer, fundraising fees, research fees/labor costs, promotional/marketing materials/fees, and administrative costs. There is a small surplus that will be donated to the City of South Salt Lake for the preservation of items taken from the Granite High buildings.

The core team of the Granite High Encore project tried everything we could think of to save the buildings. While trying to work with the developers, and developing our business plan we also researched the validity of the purchase contract held on the property by the developers, and we tried to influence to political sector that has a lot of control over the property.

It is with great regret that the buildings cannot be saved. By all appearances the wrong people have the power and the money over the Granite High property, in regards to preservation. Only in the long term will the community truly feel the loss of these historical structures.

At this point we can only advocate for the library that has been said to be built on the property, and hope that there will be some nod to the thousands upon thousands of Granitians that once walked the halls of the grand old G.

Don't forget to pick up your brick from the Auditorium Building this week; Monday through Thursday, 10am to 4pm in the east parking lot.

Update on Granite High

June 1, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

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Granite High Update:

As we continue to push our National Historical Registry application through to the national level we have some things to keep in mind:

Unfortunately the National Historical Registry does not provide demo protection, it only opens up the opportunity for tax credits to help cover preservation and restoration costs to the buildings. So far the developers don't appear to be changing their minds, and it looks like the buildings are going to come down.

The District is reported to be saving some items from our school. And South Salt Lake City would like to save items too, but needs to raise funds by this Friday June 2nd to do so.

Please visit this link to see photos:


The Utah Arts Alliance has used all of the funds previously donated to their Granite High Encore Project to investigate the legalities of the sales contract, administrative costs, videos, research costs, community awareness campaign, fees, proposal development costs, and other research costs that were incurred over the past year to work on trying to save the buildings by trying to form a partnership with various partners and the developers. I will be sharing a complete recap of the project in the next few weeks.

After seeing that the Utah Arts Alliance does not have any left-over funds to donate to the City we are asking if the community wants to donate. The Utah Arts Alliance will host our donations through their existing fundraiser; this will save on time and fees (because we don't have to set up our own fundraiser).

If you wish to donate, please use the link below:


If the City can save items from Granite High they will be properly stored until a future re-use that honors Granite High is determined. If you have questions about this effort please contact Mike Florence with South Salt Lake City. His number is (801) 412-XXXX .

Bricks will be made available to the public, and the District will be announcing a time line as soon as they have one. Once I see a time line I will be sharing it with everybody.

Thank you.

Granite High Legacy Items Meeting Tonight

May 24, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

Tonight the South Salt Lake City Council will be considering a plan to preserve legacy items from the buildings of Granite High School.

The meeting is at 6pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall, 220 E. Morris Ave, 2nd Floor, South Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please attend if you can to thank the City for presenting a plan to preserve a piece of our history and to express to the City Council what saving these items means to you!

Granite High Update

May 19, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

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Asbestos abatement is currently underway inside the Granite High buildings. It looks like they are being way more intrusive and destructive than they need to be. For example the theater seats were not contaminated by asbestos nor were they in front of or on top of any asbestos. The seats did not need to be removed to do abatement. I know this because I toured the buildings with Garbett Homes and the asbestos abatement team back in September of 2015. The theater seats were bolted to concrete floors. This does make me wonder if they are being more destructive than needed now because they don't intend to allow anything to be salvaged. What a waste.

One of the developers is fighting the National Historical Registry designation that the Utah State Board of History voted on last month. I have spent my time since our meeting researching (again) who owns exactly what piece of dirt on the campus right at this moment. I can report on this as it develops. We should ask ourselves why the developers care to take the time to fight our designation when our designation only offers opportunities for federal funds to help pay for restoration should they decide to keep a building. Because the NHR designation does not offer demo protection, why fight it? If they are concerned about their reputation should they demo a building that is listed....fighting the listing already damages their reputation. At some point I can go public with which developer is fighting us.

If you are interested in trying to salvage pieces of the buildings and or get bricks, please contact Don Adams with Granite School District at (385) 646-XXXX or *****

Update on Granite High Property

March 8, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

The Utah Arts Alliance is thrilled to announce that Wasatch Group has named a price to buy out their part of the Granite High property! They are asking for a quick closing so with that in mind the Utah Arts Alliance is in the process of securing the funds necessary.


The Utah Arts Alliance is also excited to announce that after over a year of research and preparation we have submitted an application to the National Historical Registry for the historical buildings of Granite High. Typically this process takes years; however, given the special circumstances of the Granite property the process began after Mayor Wood's veto last year and was expedited as needed.

We keep you posted as progress continues to be made.

Granite High Update / The End is Near

February 18, 2017 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

The Granite High campus has been sold to Garbett Homes and Wasatch Group.

Wasatch Group has rejected the Utah Arts Alliance's second offer to buy them out in order to save and reuse the buildings, siting invested and opportunity costs as their reasons.

The Utah Arts Alliance is recalculating a third offer.

The buildings will start coming down in March according to the Request for Proposal issued by Granite School District.

Granite High Campus

November 22, 2016 by Merili Wilson Carter (Register to contact)

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In case you have not heard, the Granite High property is under contract with Garbett Homes and Wasatch Group. They wish to develop our old campus into single family homes along 500 East, and a commercial development, that will probably include a Walmart, along 3300 South.
The current contract states that if the single family home development is approved, all the buildings will be demolished immediately, which can happen as early as December 23, 2016.
Garbett Homes intends on building the single family homes while Wasatch Group works to change the zoning for the strip of property that will be commercial development along 3300 South. While they wait for a zone change to be approved the community will be left with a dirt lot.
The Utah Arts Alliance is trying desperately to partner up with the developers, and reuse our old buildings as an arts campus that would refurbish the old buildings, and use them as arts studios, Community Theater, maker spaces, and much more!
We need the community's help to have the developers take us seriously! We are meeting with the developers next Wednesday November 30th.
We have a donation page where we are collecting funds that are used to spread awareness, fund a professional development proposal, and to have the developers see that the community and alumni want something better than a Walmart to replace our old high school!
Any donation made between now and November 28th will be matched up to $5000 by former Granite High Educator Kris Dobson!
Please donate what you can, and if you have any questions I can be reached at *****!

Thank you!


June 30, 2016 by Diane Hughes Oldham (Register to contact)

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August 5th and 6th 2016
or register at http://www.*****/****
as soon as possible!!! Hope to see you all there!!

The Dreamathon

May 5, 2014 by Derek Patterson (Register to contact)

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From May 19-24, Granite High School will house The Dreamathon, an interactive art exhibit that utilizes murals, photography, music, writing, and storytelling to empower visitors to discover and live their dreams. Over 150 artisans from the local community have joined together to create a landscape of dreams by transforming the main section of the historic building into a truly captivating exhibit. The event is being organized by a group of BYU students. They are currently looking for more volunteers to help out at the event. If you want to learn more, Google "The Dream Press Dreamathon." If you would be interested in helping out during the week of the event, email *****

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